Moe Mow’s Lawn Care was established in 2013 by Naperville resident, Moe Mitchell. He was a sophomore at the time at Neuqua Valley and grew the company throughout his high school time. The company substantially improved every year from drastic changes, better equipment, more knowledge on lawn care, and aiming to surpass customers expectations. In the fall of 2016, Moe became a full-time student at North Central College. Moe stepped down from mowing and landscaping once he started college in order to still run the company but to hire his first subcontract crew to mow and landscape the rest of his homes for the remaining fall time. With Moe being so particular with quality and reliability, he spent an absurd amount of time picking the right crew. After a great fall time with his first crew, Moe decided to grow his company as a fully subcontracted service, yet a premium service as well. He did this by hiring similar minded subcontractors that had the same vision of quality and reliability while he manages the overall business side of things. And this was the start of Moe building one of the best lawn services in the Naperville area focusing on great customer service, great reliability, and unparalleled quality. While the company was doing very well, Moe was not content and wanted to be more than just a premium service. After months of pondering, Moe finally figured out what he wanted to do. This is when Moe turned his business to an innovative technology company run through an App. The idea was to still run a premium and fully subcontracted service but to be very convenient to customers in order to save them a substantial amount of time through the integration of technology. Since the start of 2018, Moe Mow’s Lawn Care has become a premium tech lawn service.

  • North Central College student class of 2020

  • North central college wrestler

  • North Central college enactus member