Beautifying & Maintaining Naperville In The Most Convenient Fashion

Our mission is to redefine lawn care by harnessing technology & innovation to give our customers a seamless, professional, lawn care experience.

With our exceptionally high standards for customer-service, quality, and our purposeful mission, we have built the finest lawn care service in Naperville.

Pushing boundaries & the status quo, innovating, & having a strong team has been invaluable to the carrying out and delivery of our mission.

We look ahead with excitement to seek out new innovative approaches for our service to become all the more convenient & better for our customers.

Our Mission

Next Generation Lawn Service



Utilization of technology and innovation to create the most customer-centric and convenient service.



With no detail ever spared, we emphasize the utmost quality in every service we offer.


Customer Service

Responsive and customer-focused. We care for the satisfaction of every customer.

Meet our small, but dedicated team behind Moe Mow's

Moe Mitchell, CEO

Aidan Murphy, COO

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